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Liaoning Donglin Reinas Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Donglin Reinas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongrui Company) is a large-scale enterprise specializing in scientific research, design, production and installation of European environmental protection and energy-saving aluminum doors and windows, and curtain wall products. The company is located in the scenic Yingkou Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 210,000 square meters, with a workshop and office building area of 150,000 square meters. There are 2568 employees and total assets of 853 million yuan.

Dongrui Company was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Liaoning Donglin Group and Belgian Renas Company. Mr. Zhou Decai, Chairman of Donglin Group, based on the domestic aluminum door and window curtain wall market being in the product structure and technical structure adjustment period, through joint venture cooperation, a full set of door and window curtain wall product production technology, processing production lines and ancillary equipment were introduced from Belgium to enable Dongrui Company to reach the end of the year. The designed production capacity reaches 1.6 million square meters per year for doors and windows and 400,000 square meters per year for curtain walls. This move not only led to an industrial revolution in the domestic door and window curtain wall industry, but also the product was included in the 2000 Torch Plan. The company entered the ranks of key high-tech enterprises, and Dongrui Doors and Windows led the development trend of China's window industry.

Dawnrays has the most advanced product research and development, engineering design institutions and deep processing of aluminum profiles, production and installation of doors and windows and curtain walls in the industry. Due to the integrated introduction of equipment, the European integrated computer automatic control system is prominently reflected from the host and operating platform, and the product processing accuracy is fully guaranteed. The doors, windows and curtain wall products produced have huge advantages in terms of performance, quality and price. In June 2003, an authorized foreign general agent contract was signed, and the Japanese market began to be fully developed. Dawnrays aluminum windows and its aluminum alloy dustbins and aluminum decorative fences began to enter the international market.

Dawnrays attaches great importance to absorbing scientific and technological talents and management talents from all over the country. In the past few years, there have been 32 technical management talents and more than 260 professional and technical personnel who have joined Dawnrays. It is precisely because of the foundation of human resources that Dawnrays has The company's products have been updated four times in 7 years and completed the development of more than 90 series of products, which has effectively promoted enterprise technological innovation and market innovation. In terms of management, Dawnrays has established and improved the corporate governance structure, and further strengthened horizontal functional management and network intelligent management.

The landmark buildings in major domestic regions undertaken by Dawnrays are:

Harbin area: Hongjing Tiandi, Century Plaza, Hongxiang Mingyuan, Civil Aviation Building, Development Zone Management Committee Building, etc.;

Dalian area: Dalian Radio and Television News Center, Dalian Municipal Party Committee Office Building, Dalian International Convention and Exhibition Center, etc.;

Shenyang area: Dynasty Marriott Hotel, Zhongxing Shenyang Commercial Building, Hualishan Villa, Wobo Garden, Yuning Building, Fushun Riverside Garden, etc.;

Shanghai area: Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai University, Oriental House, Jinding Building, Changfa Building, Greenland Century Garden, Binjiang Mingyuan, etc.;

Beijing-Tianjin area: Beijing Heping New City, Lishui Pavilion Apartment, Zhuangwei Garden, Beijing Tsinghua University Teaching Building, Tianjin Da'an Building, Tianjin Lide Building, etc.;

In July 1998, Dawnrays was awarded the honorary title of the province's top 100 village and township enterprises in total profit and tax; in the same year, it was awarded the top 100 export enterprises in Liaoning Province, the AAA credit enterprise in Liaoning Province, and passed the ISO9001-1994 quality system certification. In 1999, the TS50 and PS50 series products produced by Dongrui Company were named products, and Dongrui Company was designated as the research, design, production and installation base for aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls. In 2001, the color doors, windows and curtain walls produced by Dawnrays were certified as reliable quality products by the Quality Inspection Association; they were identified as the first batch of inspection-free products by the Yingkou Technical Supervision Bureau. In 2002, it passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification after certification audit.

Dawnrays is a larger production base for energy-saving thermal break windows in China and even in Asia. The products produced have spread all over the country and entered thousands of households. Time will prove: "Dawnrays Brand" will become a common glory for Dawnrays, customers and friends from all walks of life!